Savage Race – Georgia Fall 2017







10:40 am


The Savage Races bring out a different group of OCR enthusiasts. In comparison to our favorite race the Spartan, the Savage races are way more easy going, not nearly as competitive, and the obstacles are a bit more playful (for lack of a better word). Having Savage races mixed in with the super competitive nature of the Spartan races throughout the year is a perfect balance keeping me mentally and physically ready but also reminding me that these races can be just as fun too.

Looking back at the physical preparation for this race I really didn’t do anything different. Since these races are a little more laid back I didn’t give myself any down time in the workout routine other than taking off on the Friday before the race. We kept going with our normal workout routine (which you can checkout on the workout page here).


Don’t forget your pants

  • Misc Race Gear

    • Backpack
    • Phone
    • ID
    • Cash (for parking, bag check, and if you want to buy anything after)
    • Waiver (if you want to print this off you can or you can fill one out at the race entrance)
  • After Race Gear

    • Comfy shirt
    • Comfy shorts
    • Underwear
    • Flip flops
    • Towels (notice it is plural because you need like 4)
    • Cooler of ice cold beer and Gatorades
    • Sunglasses

This was a pretty easy one to prepare for, for me anything over 7 miles is when I start to bring the energy gels, protein bars, gloves, bladder, etc. so didn’t need all that this time which was nice.  I didn’t bring gloves for this race and was perfectly fine without them. All races also have check points with water about every mile and I was fine without my water bladder for this short of a race.


Calm before the storm

The night before the race I get all of my gear laid out and packed up so the next morning when I’ve got that adrenaline and race day butterflies running through me, I don’t end up forgetting something super important like my pants…. it’s never happened before but I’d rather not push my luck. I also map out my drive to the race so I can set an alarm (or 5) to make sure I get there on time.


Yea… it’s early

When I wake up I start drinking water, I skip the coffee (uh, that’s like a really big deal for me btw). I personally prefer to eat something very very light if anything at all since I don’t do good running on a full stomach. After I’m dressed and ready to go I head out with enough time to drive and get to the race location 1 hour prior to my wave/start time. I try to get there early since parking is usually pretty far away from the entrance so it could end up being a 10 min walk or even more. Read below for more reasons on why I allow an hour prior to the start of the race.

When I get to the race location I run through the following:

  • Put on all my last minute race gear while I’m at the car
  • Pack up my backpack with my misc gear from checklist above (it should already have my after race gear packed up in it)
  • Start walking to the entrance line with my ID in hand and backpack on my back (the walks from parking to race entrance vary and tend to be a mile or so away)
  • Wait in line to sign waiver
  • Wait in line to pick up race packet
  • Get through the gate and start putting on wrist bands and timers
  • Find the guys I’m running with so we can all go to bag check together (once your phone is put away at bag check you’re gunna have a tough time finding everyone)
  • Wait in line for bag check `Throw phone, ID, sunglasses, hat, beer ticket, etc in my backpack and head to bag check (usually costs $5)
  • Stretch out
  • Make our way over to the start line 15-30 mins prior to wave time

what time is it?


If you don’t have the pre race jitters then you might still be asleep… I get them just about every time from pure excitement and this race was no different. The 10:40 AM wave was packed! They actually overbooked the slot and had to ask about 40 people to hang out out and wait for the next wave. I don’t think this happens much in the earlier slots but if you are going later on in the day make sure you’re at the starting line about 15-30 minutes before you’re supposed to head out to ensure you go at the time you picked. When you get in what I call the pig pen (just looks like that since you’re all smushed together and waiting at the start line) there is an MC who is hyping you up. Check out this video to get a little taste of what I’m talking about, click here.

I did this same race earlier this year in the spring and it was MUUUUDDDYYY. This time for the fall race they reversed the course and I guess we didn’t have nearly as much rain because it was dry as a bone in comparison to last time, and man oh man was it hot! 98 degrees to be exact.

I’ve posted the race map above so you can see the course. You’ll notice the first couple miles were nothing but running. There was definitely an elevation gain to throw in a little challenge but nothing terrible. All of the obstacles were pushed to the last couple miles. I thought it was going to be terrible having so many obstacles at the end when you’re just absolutely gassed but I actually didn’t mind it for this race in particular. The obstacles are a nice break from running and give you a little breather.

I finished the race in 2:34:35 and felt great at the end, wasn’t tired at all. Pretty excited for my next race, another Spartan Sprint in October.