Spartan Race vs. Savage Race

Let me start off by saying these are both two amazing races, however, they do attract a different crowd. Read below at some of the quick facts about each race and see if you are more on the competitive or the playful side. Or maybe you’re like me and like a healthy mix of both. Either way, good luck to you in your next race!

Spartan Race

Slogan: “You’ll know at the finish line”

Chant: “Aroo!”

Distance: Sprint 3+ miles, Super 8+ miles, or Beast 12+miles

# of Obstacles: Sprint 15+, Super 20+, Beast 25+

Signature Obstacle: Spear throw. You’ll quickly feel like you’re in the movie 300 as you try launching a giant spear into a hay bale 25 feet away (easier said than done).

Competitive: Yes, very! Even the open heats are still very competitive

Penalties: Burpees, burpees, and a few more burpees. Each time you attempt and fail an obstacle you must complete 30 burpees (yea you read it right) before you can move on without being disqualified.

Overview: They have 3 different levels of the race (Sprint, Super, and the Beast). If you complete all 3 in a calendar year you become a trifecta. The obstacles are nothing fancy, they are made to be tough, challenge you mentally and physically, and these obstacles are very minimalist in comparison to other races but don’t let that fool you, they are still extremely difficult. They turn the simplest things such as a bucket and some rocks into your worst nightmare. Competition is the name of the game, this is not a race for the light hearted. Even if you are participating in the open waves you will still notice competition is all around you.

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Savage Race

Slogan: “It’s more than just a race”

Distance: 4-6 miles

# of Obstacles: 25+

Signature Obstacle: Colossus. A giant quarter pipe followed by a 24 ft high waterslide on the other side.

Competitive: No, it’s all about team work and having fun! Even in the competitive heats yes you are racing for time but more against yourself than the guy next to you.

Penalties: If you’re running a competitive wave you must complete the obstacles but can take as many tries as needed. If you fail to complete they remove your blue competitive band. If you’re running an open wave there are no penalties for failing to complete an obstacle.

Overview: They have one style race that ranges between 4-6 miles, however, the location of the race and the terrain can definitely play a big role on your experience. At the Savage it’s all about having fun, the race itself is easy going, and helping those around you with encouraging words or physically on an obstacle. The obstacles themselves have hilarious names, they are definitely jazzed up a bit to give you a hybrid between American Ninja Warrior and Spartan.

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