Spartan Super 2017 – Black Mountain, Asheville

Spartan Sprint 2017 – Black Mountain, Asheville

We just wrapped up the Spartan Super on Black Mountain in Asheville North Carolina. I must say first of all, we were so prepared. And I have to give a special shout out to my new Inov-8 Mudclaw 300s. These shoes laughed in the mud’s face and I think at one point I heard my shoes call the mud they’re bitch… every step of the way I was so glad that I made that purchase.

First of all, let’s review our preparation. We’ve been training hard since April of 2016 but for 6 weeks prior to the race we kicked it in high gear. We found/made up new WODs and we ran further in 2 months than we did the previous 10 months. Our workouts went from 1 hour of intensity to 1.5 – 2 hours of intensity. To get a bunch of info on our race training plan, check out my blog post titled “Judson’s Spartan Super Training and Preparation”.

We woke up around 8:30ish. Some a little later than others as the prior night a few were over-served. We won’t name names though… We packed up and hit up a little hole-in-the wall place (which are normally my faves) in Asheville called Tommy’s. Place is legit if you ever need a fast, good ole country breakfast. I could have eaten a horse that morning but between the butterflies in my stomach and the constant reminder of the 8-10 mile run ahead of me, I only ate some eggs and sausage. Btw I had a protein bar at the house to hold me over till we got to the restaurant.

Word of advice – pack as much as possible prior to the race. Read my blog on packing for race day. I promise you’ll thank me later. I didn’t do this as much at this race and I felt a bit rushed and stressed.

We didn’t have a ton of time to warm up but got enough in to not hurt like hell when we started. We got to the start line and were ready as ever. The butterflies finally started to go away as we stood in line. Finally after the motivational intro – the race begins.

So I had been debating whether to bring a hydration pack. I was relieved to see once I walked through the gates that about 50% of folks had one on. Let me say this was pretty freakin nice to have. I drank tons of water and never had to pee till about 2 hours after we crossed the finish line (so I obviously needed all the water I drank). They did have plenty of water stations (more than I thought they would have) but I still felt like I needed the hydration pack as much as I sipped from it. It never really got in my way nor did I even notice it all that much as I ran which I was worried about. I highly recommend running a Super or a Beast with a hydration pack. Probably not needed for a Sprint unless it’s just scorching hot outside.

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph I have to rave about my shoes. These things are beasts when it comes to mud management. They kept me stuck to the ground. I felt like spiderman walking up some seriously steep muddy inclines. With tennis shoes, I would have been grasping at tree roots and whatever I could get my hands on – which a lot of people were doing. I passed people with ease going up these steep inclines. My Innov-8s probably didn’t drain as well as the Reeboks (which Allie got) or the Solomans (which David got) but they drained pretty well overall.

I went shirtless this race and was happy I did. Wearing a shirt in the sprint was cumbersome. It just stuck to my body and weighed me down so I’m glad I did away with it this time.

We wrapped up the race in 4 hours and 5 minutes which appears to be about middle of the pack. I love an ice cold beer after a long race in the heat – so we headed for the beer tent after eating a banana and a protein bar (given to you at the very end).

We wandered around the venue, beer in hand, medal around neck (which you receive immediately upon crossing the finish line) feeling pretty good about our time. We had been training hard for this.

We went and showered and headed to the car to put on clean clothes. I proceeded to drink a couple more beers there which were so much better than the beer that they gave us (I wasn’t a fan of the type of beer they had at this one – I’m a dark beer / IPA guy). I felt great. Finally clean. Slightly buzzed. Proud of how we did. Ready to eat some food!

We hit up Juicy Lucy’s in Asheville which I highly recommend if you are in the area. It’s a great place to get a money hamburger.

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