Country’s Midnight Express

The Country’s Midnight Express is not your everyday 5k and participating in this race has been a family tradition for at least 10 years. Country’s Barbeque is a super popular restaurant and they host this 5k as a fund raiser for the visually impaired.

Running this race is a unique 5k experience. The home owners host parties and line the streets to shout encouragement and cheer on the runners. They all might be a little drunk too so it’s really funny to hear the stuff they say. The route passes by my old high school where the band comes out to play music. This is my favorite part of the race…running to the sound of the drummers and the music of the band fires me up to push through that last mile.

In the past, I used to say that I will know when I am getting old when I couldn’t go run a 5k without any training. My times would be horrible, around 35 minutes. My 2 boys would always beat me because I was old and slow. This year was different…I was determined to set a respectable time. My PR for a 5k was ~29:50 so I set a goal for 27:00. The crowd was a bit smaller than some of the past events. I guess lots of folks preferred to watch Mayweather v McGregor. I started off fast setting a new PR for a one mile run – 7:58 and finished with a 5k PR or 26:20. But that is not the best part. I beat my 16 year old son by 15 seconds. Am I a horrible person for thinking that is the best part?

The race ends with the usual water, bananas and oranges but this one is special. Runners also get a yummy BBQ sandwich and sweet tea. Now that is a great way to finish a 5k!