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Qualo Stackables

It took me a while to jump on the Qalo bandwagon for as frequent as I go to the gym. I still wore my real ring even though the bars tore it up pretty good and it made it hard to grip, it was more so just laziness and fear of losing it if I took it off. Another reason I couldn’t get myself to buy the Qalo was they were just too thick (TWSS) and felt like a guys ring. I know what you’re thinking, “did you make sure you tried on a women’s ring?” Yes ya butts I did but it was still too wide. However, just recently I scratched my ring up pretty good and thought it was time to go and check out the silicon rings again. I went to Qalo first and noticed that they had these cool stackable rings that were super thin. The point was to get a couple of them which would make it a thicker band but a single one was just the perfect size for me. I purchased the one you see over to the left which is jagged but doesn’t poke me at all. They do have others that are rounded but I wanted one that had the smallest profile possible.

Another great thing is that they come with a cool little zipper bag so when you put on the Qalo you can put your real ring in a secure pouch that you can leave in the locker. Since finding the smaller bands and being able to use the bag so I don’t have to worry about my ring floating around in my gym bag somewhere I’ve been very pleased. I was a little worried that the thinner bands would break easier or tear when weight lifting and again haven’t had any problems with it, still looks brand new!

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