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Garmin Forerunner 735xt

I’m legit an Apple freak, I’ve got Apple EVERYTHING! So, of course, I had the Apple Watch as well… I mean duh! With that being said, you’ll understand how difficult this next part is for me to say. After about 6 months of working out with the Apple watch, I got pretty tired of it. It had way too many integrations with the social aspect and not enough data around my workouts which are what I really cared about. Sorry FB and IG friends but I don’t need real time notifications about every meal you’ve had today on my arm. So I started looking for other options.

Gotta give credit where credit is due… Judson was the OG to get a Garmin watch, and after a few months of watching all the cool data and information he was gathering on his workouts I was easily convinced that I too needed to have one. This was no small purchase, so I did a lot of research regarding the features available in each model to see if there were certain things I could do without having but that didn’t work, I quickly convinced myself that I NEEDED to have every feature possible. At the time of my purchase the most advanced watch Garmin had specifically for women was the Forerunner 735xt, so that’s the one I got. By the way, most of the watches are unisex but the watch faces get pretty big on some of them.

If you don’t get FOMO over technology like I do (it’s a serious problem) but still want the quality of the Garmin watches, then I highly suggest going with an older model of the watch you’re interested in. I couldn’t do it (due to previously mentioned FOMO disorder) but it would definitely be a cost saver.

When I first got my Forerunner I was super excited but it took me about a week and a half to really get the hang of how to use it. There is SO much you can do on it. Heck, I’m still learning new things about this sick watch.

Garmin Connect is the online portal but they also have an app for iOS and Android. The portal and app are sweet, especially since the recent updates they made (being a product manager for software development I get excited about stupid things like this). The online portal has a ton of functionality from dashboards, reporting, calendars, training plans, workouts, etc. Besides the reporting, the pre-built workouts are my second most used feature and make complicated workouts a breeze.

In the app, you get a bite sized version of the information you can see online in the portal but I still look at my stats on that thing way more than a normal person should. Also, you can setup step, run, and calorie challenges with other people in your network. Judson and I usually do a step challenge each week, it gives you hilarious notifications like “Step it up chump” when you’re behind and “Hotdog you’re winning”. With Judson and I being super competitive it usually comes down to Sunday when we are trying to hurry to get our steps in before the other has time to make them up. Then Monday morning is all about the bragging rights. Unfortunately, he’s been winning a lot lately…. but I’m kinda letting him win so, there’s that.

If you end up getting a Garmin yourself make sure to connect with me!

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