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Jaybrid x2

I was first introduced to the Jaybrid X2 headphones by Judson after he watched me struggle with the Apple headphones for months. He had been using them for quite some time (prior to us all working out) and highly recommended them. Since I’ve had them I don’t think I could or ever will go back to the old Apple headphones again these have been a game changer for me.

I have a couple reasons I like them so much. First, This one is for my ladies, they’re Bluetooth which means no cords requiring your ears and phone to stay within a 1-foot radius of one another. It’s magical, it means you don’t have to figure out how to do your exercise while a) holding your phone b) trying to balance it between the waist band of your pants/short and your hip c) shoving it between your boobs (although that is an easy place to store things) or d) laying it on the ground for your exercise and then forgetting it’s there, so when you stand up you get to go through the panic attack of watching your phone dangle like a long earring or have your earbuds ripped from your ear as your phone remains on the ground. All this to say, Bluetooth is awesome and it’s like Christmas if you haven’t used Bluetooth headphones before.

Second, I can’t speak for all headphones but in comparing the Apple headphones to the Jaybird X2’s the sound quality is insanely better with the X2’s! I legit can’t hear anyone around me when I have my music on. So if you’re like me and wanna crank out some reps with you’re music blaring or wanna run without being able to hear yourself breath I highly recommend these.

I won’t lie when you first get them the fitting does require a little trial and error to figure out the perfect fit. They come with 3 different size ear hooks that go inside your ear, 3 sizes of foam ear inserts (they remind me of ear plugs), and 3 sizes of rubber inserts. I use the rubber inserts and they work great.

So far I haven’t had any problems with them falling out when I do HIIT workouts or run. I usually charge once or twice a week and when I charge them I’ll either do it overnight or at my desk in the morning before we go to the gym at lunch. A quick charge lasts me about 4 hours and a full charge lasts 7-8 hours. When you pair it to your phone you can see the battery percentage and there is a LED red/green indicator on the device as well.

The only downfall I’ve had is that the range isn’t that great, I might be able to walk 20 feet away before I start noticing the sound breaking up. So I still have to keep my phone nearby or else it will loose connection but a small downside to the previous issues I’ve gone through with my Apple headphones.

If you have any questions about these headphones or others comment below and I’ll be sure to answer!

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