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Reebok Women’s All Terrain Super OR

Let me just start off by saying, I’m a review freak. When I am going to buy a new piece of gear I read all the reviews like way more than any one person should spend the time looking at. So when it was time to get some new OCR (obstacle course race) shoes I read them ALL! Okay maybe not all of them but I spent a crap ton of time researching. The Reebok Women’s All Terrain Super OR shoes had great reviews but there were a lot of comments about rocks and other things making their way through the port holes on the shoes that people found annoying during the race. I’d like to go on record before you read anymore and say I didn’t have any of those problems and I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!

Since I got them pretty close to the race day I didn’t have too much time to break them in which I was pretty nervous about. I got a practice trail run in a couple days prior to the race and was pleasantly surprised that shoes felt great, I didn’t feel like I needed to break them in at all like I normally feel with new shoes. I’m thinking it’s because the material is so thin that there isn’t anything to make them stiff. When I did my test run I noticed the speed shoelaces weren’t holding like a regular shoelace knot might so I made sure to grab some backups just in case.

Obviously, every shoe isn’t perfect, and the only thing I could find wrong with this one was the speed laces. The shoelaces didn’t seem to stay super tight for me during my practice runs and I found myself trying to tighten them a couple times during the actual race. Which really isn’t that bad, to be honest for a 9 mile run in mud, water, and running up the side of mountains. Since I did the practice run and noticed the laces I brought some backups just in case but luckily didn’t end up needing them.

There was a ton of water and mud on the Asheville Super course on Black Mountain and these shoes made it feel like nothing! The second I got out of the water and took my first step I could feel all of the water gush out of the front portholes of the shoes making them nearly instantly dry. The tread on the bottom of the shoes made running through the thick mud and up the sides of the mountains a breeze. No, read that again. Like I couldn’t tell a difference between the mud and the actual dirt trails I was flying past people. Basically what I’m trying to say is they were a game changer!

I don’t like a big heel to toe drop and these felt very minimalistic compared to some others that I was looking at, so just keep that in mind if you’re looking to purchase a pair.

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