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If you didn’t already know, the GoRuck was the first challenge that we did as a group which is how we were introduced to these packs. The GoRuck challenges aren’t your average obstacle races. So let’s just erase that from your mind. Think more along the lines of Special Forces boot camp for civilians led by a Veteran (guys/girls that aren’t afraid to show you how much they don’t care about your pain after what they endured). AKA it’s bad ass!

Any-who, for our second GoRuck challenge which was the Tough we decided to step up our game from our crappy backpacks (pretty sure we found the first ones online for like $30) were using for the Light and upgrade to the GR1’s. Moving up from the Light to the Tough also means that you have to increase the amount of weight you carried and the time of the event nearly doubled which means our old crappy bags would have left us dragging them behind us on the ground by the end of it.

This backpack is probably the best-constructed backpack I’ve ever used! The quality is out of this world good from the material of the backpack, zippers that are comparable to the ones on my Jeep Wrangler, the straps are reinforced. I mean it is LEGIT! I’ve put my backpack through hell and back with some of these challenges and haven’t had a single problem with it yet. On top of that, they even have what they call a Scars warranty on their products so if anything ever happens they will fix or replace it no questions asked. How can you not love companies that stand behind their products?

In the GoRuck community, these backpacks are very well known and we don’t just use them for working out. They have a compartment for your computer so when you’re not working out you can use it to travel to and from work or take it on the plane with you where you’re guaranteed to be stopped by another Rucker admiring your GR1.

Sizing: They do have different sizes for men and women. The backpack is unisex but make sure to check out their sizing guide before you just get all excited and go throwin it in the shopping cart (I can’t judge, I do it too).

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