Women’s PhD® Run Light Elite Low Cut Socks

I’d never heard of Smartwool before but knew I needed to get something other than traditional cotton socks for my upcoming OCR. I initially purchased these for the Spartan Sprint and then also wore them for the Savage race a month later. They worked great, they seemed to dry pretty fast for the fact that you’re trucking through mud and water the majority of the race. Not a huge fan of being able to see my socks above the sides of my shoes (I know, I know, who cares about what it looks like when you’re running through mud but I do) so I like the low cut option with these, I didn’t find them bulky even though they are very thick socks and I didn’t have any problems with them falling down or bunching. Also, really liked how tight they fit my feet.

Even though I purchased these for the OCR I wear them a lot when we go for long runs as well. They just help my feet so much better against blisters and give me additional support. I am about to try out the Balega socks for the Spartan Super this weekend so make sure to check out my review on those as well.

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