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Once upon a time…. just kidding, ain’t nobody got time for that. So we work together at the same company in the FinTech industry designing, building, and testing payment software in Atlanta, Georgia (contain your excitement). At the time we were all pretty active people but none of us were working out on a regular basis.

Anyways, one day back in April 2016 Allie and Chris were super hard at work when they started talking about mud runs and obstacle challenges, that’s when Diaz (Chris) mentioned the GoRuck Challenge. After doing a little research that was it, Allie was on a mission! She ran around the office trying to see who all would do the next challenge with her in June in Downtown Atlanta. Side note, we work with a lot of developers, sooo…. you can imagine the interest level was preeetty low. Long story short the 4 of us were pumped and with 2 months to train we got straight to work. Since then we’ve been going strong still working out together, making stupid jokes, pushing one another, and always looking for the next challenge!

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