Allie - JACD remain trained

Name: Allie

Age: 27 (why does it always take so long to answer that question… does anyone else forget how old they are, or is it just me?)

Height: 5′ 5″

Weight: 150 lbs

Favorite Food: All of it, everything, basically what I’m saying is I love food (also a big reason for why I work out)

My full name is Allison but it makes me feel like I’m in trouble or something, I go by Allie, Al, or AK (my initials). I’ve been a pretty active person all my life mostly through sports. I’ve played lacrosse, basketball, softball, ran cross country, and golf. However, I think a lot of that is due to my dad having 4 daughters and needing to find some common ground. Because of sports I enjoy working as a team and I’m super competitive but only when it comes to… everything.

Laughing is my drug I can’t get through a day unless I have at least a couple good laughs. “That’s what she/he said” and other inappropriate jokes like that are some of my favorites. I wish I had one of those cute little giggle laughs, but nope, when I laugh the whole office knows.

I like long walks…. in the mountains. “Explore the unseen” is my motto and the outdoors is my happy place. I love going hiking, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, trail riding, you name it. On the weekends I spend as much time outside as possible.

I have 2 dogs, Brody and Blue, both muts that we rescued from the Humane Society. They go with us just about everywhere wether it’s hiking, traveling, or just for a car ride up the street. They love going on adventures and Jeep rides just as much as I do, so we’re kinda bff’s.

My Wrangler got me addicted to Jeeps and now working on them is my hobby. I have a couple CJ7’s and my daily driver is my JK. If I’m not exploring I’m usually finding a new DIY project, working around my house, or upgrading my JK.


In school I got new seat assignments weekly for talking too much, so…

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