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Our Method

Coming up or researching new workouts can be a giant PITA, so we decided to steal a page from the GoRuck community and use a dedicated “Cadre” for a week at a time. The Cadre is the boss, that means what they say goes. If they decide we’re going to do 100 burpees and run a mile 3 times (no, that really happened) then you embrace the suck and take it one rep at a time until you finish.

Anyway, since there are 4 of us it works great, we use the same order month after month and it reduces a lot of the headaches of having to plan tedious workouts since you’re technically only designing 4 – 5 workouts once every month and the rest of the time you show up and do what you’re told.

Our workouts are getting more and more challenging as time goes on and as we progressively get stronger both mentally and physically. The mental game is just as important if not more important at times as the physical strength or endurance depending on the workout.

There’s an unspoken rule with our group, that is you never want to be known for having easy workouts when you’re Cadre. This mindset has turned into us creating ridiculous workouts that will hopefully have the rest of the group crawling by the end of it.


The Bicep Score is a 1-5 ranking of the WOD difficulty where 1 is the easiest and 5 is the toughest. We do this to help everyone pick a workout that’s best for them for that particular day.

We include our time on each workout. Obviously you may be faster or slower than us. But hopefully after a couple workouts you can get an idea of that so you can just use our time as a baseline.

We also indicate if the workout of the day is mainly a CardioWeights or HIIT type of workout. And if there is a focus on particular area of the body we’ll indicate that as well (for example if it’s a HIIT workout with a bunch of pushups and bicep curls we’ll say “HIIT – upper body”).

Cardio usually consists of either running, rowing, stair machine, etc. or a combination of all those things (but no weights) to increase your heart rate to make your heart stronger.

Weights consists of utilizing dumbbells, barbells, machines or body weight to increase strength.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s a mixture of cardio and weights. It gives the benefits of increasing heart strength and endurance while also increasing muscular endurance at the same time. It’s very effective.

We love getting feedback on our workouts so feel free to comment.


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