Workout #464


Gonna put some miles on those shoes TADAY

Goal: 10 miles

End Result: 8.3 Miles

If you’re jumping in the middle of these workouts you’re probably looking at these distances like “ha. Yea right!” Don’t worry you’re not alone, that would have been our reaction as well. When we started a year ago some of us couldn’t run a mile straight and for those who could, we couldn’t go any further than a mile without feeling like we were going to die. So back then 10 miles or even the 8.3 would have been extremely daunting for us as well. If this is the case for you, don’t worry, we can say from experience that you WILL get there as long as you don’t stop working toward your goal. We still can’t run the entire time, we run a few miles then walk for a half mile then pick it back up and run a few more miles continuing that pattern until we’re done. However, each time we go running we try to run just a little further each and every time. Don’t get me wrong the progress is small, that doesn’t mean that we are extending that by a mile each time, it might just be an extra quarter mile or less than that, just depends on the day.

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