Workout #466


Challenge Accepted!

We’re doing another baseline test see how far you can run in 60 minutes.

Go back and see how far you got last time and try to beat it. the goal here is consistency. Whether you’re prepping for an OCR (obstacle course race) like us, just trying to get in shape, or have another goal in mind it’s important to find your stride. Doesn’t matter if it is slower than a turtle going up hill in molasses. Work on one thing at a time maybe it’s your running form, heel strike, vertical oscillation, pace,  breathing, etc. Whatever it is, just focus on one thing at a time until you’ve mastered it or it’s become a habit then add the next thing that you want to work on after until you’ve perfected your running.

Don’t forget to record your distance at the end so you can beat it when we do this again.

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