Workout #476


Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Run… and then run some more

The goal: Run 8 miles

End Result: Ran 8.5

The route we took was an out and back so we started out with mostly downhills and then on the way back were faced with the rude awakening when those once easy downhills were now our worst nightmare. Since we are training for the Spartan in Asheville we really need to get used to the elevation changes. It’s easy to maintain a steady heart rate on a flat run but those hills will kick it up for ya. It was about 92 degrees out today and we were in and out of the sunshine running on the side of the road. The idea was to run from the gym to REI where we could pick up some Honey Stinger packs on our way back… but it helps if you bring cash as they don’t take sweat as a form of payment.

If you can’t run that far don’t worry! Just try to run as far as you can while maintaining a consistent pace. We like to run outside (even though it’s hard to breathe and there are hills and well that just sounds hideous), because we feel it will help us better prepare for the ultimate suck when running in the OCR (obstacle course races). However, running is running so wether you’re on the treadmill, outside, feel like you need to walk, or even crawl do whatever you have to. Just don’t fucking quit!

Rule# 384 – Always look ahead when running

It’s pretty rare that we don’t have something funny happen when all of us are working out together. So today’s star of the show is Allie. We were all keeping a pretty good pace on the way out, except there were a few stop lights and in order to keep the time accurate for the running pace, we pause our watches and then resume when we start running again. Well, Allie paused hers at the last light and then about a quarter mile in realized something wasn’t right… she forgot to resume and was looking down fidgeting with her watch and heart rate band while trying to run at the same time. When all of a sudden WHAM! Allie gets clothes lined by a branch sticking out over the sidewalk. She quickly stopped when she realized what happened to laugh at herself while the rest of us kept running replaying the entire scene in our heads and laughing with one another! The rest of the run we all made sure she knew where ALL of the branches were (even if there was no way for her to hit them).

Good luck to you all, and don’t forget rule #384! Comment below with your times and as always let us know if anything funny happens during your workout.

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