Workout #504


Time: 60 mins

Run for 60 minutes

Last time we ran for 60 minutes was on August 15th. Hopefully you are keeping your times somewhere – the only way to track performance increase is to measure your results. I have a Garmin Fenix 3 HR that tracks my times, distances, heart rate, cadence, stride and many other things. But there are plenty of ways to track your times. I used to use the Nike Running App which is a great (and free) app to track running. There are other apps out there as well that work great from what I hear. You can also go super simple and write your times on paper or track them in a spreadsheet if you want to go a step above paper but don’t want to download an app.

However you track your distance and times is fine – as long as you’re doing it. Push yourself. If you ran 5.50 miles on the last hour run, push yourself to run 5.75 or even 6 miles on the next hour run. It just requires a slight pickup in pace (which is where a GPS watch or app helps). Picking up the pace little by little each run will give your heart a great workout and ensure consistent improvement.

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